WHEN DONE – Send a picture to your manager of you logged into www.orders.cutcoapps.com to show that you are done!


  1. Create User on VectorConnect.com
  • Make username your Rep Number / Recruit ID (They are the same thing)
  • Pick a password you’ll remember 
  • Confirm your account
  • Log In & Set up account questions… go through ALL the steps. 
    • Set up your virtual tax forms. 
    • Select “I don’t have a twitter” / “I don’t have a Facebook”
  • It is going to ask you if you have a checking account – select no and skip it. 
    • You can set it up at any time.

2. Login To Online Cutco Orders App – www.NJLegacyRep.com/Pricing

  • Virtual Program > Product & Pricing > “Click Here For Online Order App”
  • If you didn’t properly set up your account, this won’t let you LOG IN, if you can’t log in… go back to www.VectorConnect.com