Sending Demo Emails

SUBJECT LINE: Cutco Scholarship Demo with (YOURNAME) at (TIME) 🙂


Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to see my presentation today at TIME! It really helps me with school, my training, and my communication skills. If you could shoot me an email back to confirm I have the right email address, I’d really appreciate it! Please be home by your computer. This means the world to me! THANKS!!

The link for us to video chat on Google Meet will be Google Meet/Zoom Link

The link for the slides presentation will be LiveLink

 Talk to you soon!


(Phone Number)

Steps to send out emails:

  1. Open the email template, open your email,, and
  2. Copy the email template and subject line and paste it in your email
  3. Edit the template and the subject line so it fits you and your customers
  4. Get your live link from (on the present view) and put it in the email template
  5. Get your Google Meet link
  6. In the recipients part of the email, put your customers email
  7. In the BCC part of the email, put