Expanding Your List

Work on this for 5 minutes now and then move on to the next section!

Thought Joggers!

  • Friends
  • Best Friend
  • Family w/Child
  • Family w/ Children
  • In sales
  • Teachers
  • Twins
  • Soccer league
  • Works over 60 hours a week
  • Little league
  • PTA
  • Church
  • Former church
  • Ambitious
  • Has Whole Life
  • Has Life Insurance
  • Hobbies
  • Bowling League
  • Minister/Deacon/Priest/Rabbi
  • Relatives
  • Most Integrity
  • Most Trustworthy
  • Who you buy from
  • Gas Attendant
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Chiropractor
  • Shrink
  • Best Smile
  • Bald
  • Works Nights
  • Works Swing Shifts
  • Church Directory
  • 1st Person You See
  • Single Parent
  • New Baby
  • Security Person
  • Who You Call For Help
  • Last Person You See
  • Loaned you a Book
  • In-Law’s Friends
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Sales People
  • In-Laws
  • Smallest
  • Rides Bus/Train to Work
  • Prettiest Wife
  • Biggest
  • Coach
  • Scuba Diver
  • Old Babysitter
  • Nanny
  • Smoker
  • Quit Smoking
  • Parents of Children’s Friends
  • College Professor
  • Softball
  • Recent Death
  • Engineering
  • Drives a truck
  • In Management
  • Carpenter
  • Does Odd Jobs
  • Works 2nd Job
  • Most Successful
  • Thrifty
  • Recent Promotion
  • Cub Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts
  • Most Enthusiastic
  • YMCA
  • Apartment Manager
  • Postman
  • New Car
  • Best Salesperson
  • Most Likeable
  • Parent’s Friends
  • Fisherman
  • Brother/Sister’s Friends
  • Work Out With
  • Car Repair
  • Tires
  • Grocery Store
  • Pharmacist
  • Barber/Beautician
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Clothing Store
  • Furniture
  • On Crutches
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Bought Car From You
  • Works in Restaurant
  • Recent Accident
  • Maid of Honor
  • Pick up Truck
  • Boss
  • Best Man
  • Deep Voice
  • In Wedding Party
  • You Vacation With
  • Plays Guitar
  • Red Hair & Freckles
  • Drives Expensive Car
  • Drives Small Car
  • Beard/Moustache
  • Childhood Playmate
  • Auto Sales
  • Day Care
  • Sent you Xmas Cards
  • Diet
  • Spa/Health Club
  • Lawyer
  • Works in Factory
  • Neighbors
  • Former Neighborhood
  • Where you Grew up
  • Your Education
  • School Reunion
  • Spouse’s Friends
  • Secretary
  • Parent’s Neighbors
  • Campfire Girls
  • Just Married
  • Most Attractive
  • Son Married
  • Daughter Married
  • Aunts/Uncles/Cousins
  • Parents
  • Most Noble
  • Best Personality
  • Ski With
  • Golf With
  • Play Cards With
  • Waitress
  • Eat Out With
  • Optimist
  • Lions/Elks
  • Church Choir
  • Stereo
  • Home Address Book
  • Principle
  • Post Office
  • Tells Jokes/Stories
  • Policeman
  • Fireman
  • In Hospital
  • Nurse
  • Owns Business
  • Lives Your Old House
  • Used to Work With
  • Bartender
  • Work With
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Swimmer
  • Lifts Weights
  • Sells to Your Company
  • Drivers/Chauffers
  • Talks a lot
  • Football Team
  • Blond Hair
  • Pilot
  • Bi-Lingual
  • Wrestler
  • Southern Accent
  • From New York
  • Ugliest ☹
  • Tennis
  • Drives a Van
***MORE THOUGHT JOGGERS***New Years Party HostPennyslvania
RelativesChristmas Eve PartyRhode Island
Who likes really nice thingsHalloween Party HostSouth Carolina
In-lawsSuper Bowl Party HostSouth Dakota
Who is a shopaholicElementary School Best FriendTennessee
Extended familyMiddle SchoolTexas
2nd home ownersHigh SchoolUtah
Son or daughters friends parentsOlder CousinsVermont
Who owns their own businessCollege Friends ParentsVirginia
Who do you send Christmas cards toDoctorWest Virginia
Most successful person you knowLawyerWyoming
LawyerAccountantDoctor that Birthed you
The person you walk past everydayMortgage BrokerBarber
MasseusePhysical TherapistBusiness Owners
FamilyEye DoctorReal Estate Agents
Grandparents1st grade teacherGod parents
Aunts and uncles5th1st grade #1 Enemy
Foot doctor6thwalk around your neighborhood
Cousins7thEverybody you invited to B-day party
Insurance agent8thEverybody who invited you to theirs
Friends of family9thBar Mitzvah
Friends of friends that you have met10thBat Mitzvah
People in your yearbook-K-college/uni11thDo their own home improvement
Next-door neighbors12thGo over this list with siblings
People from KindergardenPrincipalChurch
Old NeighborsVice PrincipalYouth groups
People from Elementary SchoolAdministratorsCliques in High School–
People from church or clubsCounselorsThugs
People from Junior HighMoms Best friend from childhoodPreppies
RealtorDads best friend from childhoodAthletes
People from HighschoolBaby sitters/ParentsGoths
ContractorNeighbors That moved AwaySmarties
People from CollegeNeighbors you moved away fromBullies
LandlordDay CareYour Idol
People from universityParents in Direct Sales-Canada
The people across the streetPurse PartiesPuerto Rico
Facebook listsCandleOther Countries
Mary Kay or Avon LadyBasketCaterers
Neighborhoods, cities, towns you lived in prev.AvonLimo drivers
Hair stylistMary KayPolice Officers
Teachers from K- to college, profs in schoolArbonnFire Fighters
Work out partnersToy CompanyEMT’s
Past bosses and coworkersParents Hobbies FriendVolunteers
VeterinarianOld Jobs you worked atOwn Multiple Homes
People you go to church withCoaches for sportsPeople you see regularly–
DoctorCoaches from teams you didnt makeWaitor
Youth groupAsk Parents to go over thisWaitress
DentistPeople you know from other statesFriends Who work at resturaunts
People your mom/dad go for coffee withAlabamaSpoiled Kids parents
Receptionist at the doctor or dentist officeAlaskaGym Owners
Friends of your parentsArizonaSiblings Sports parents
Your boss or managerArkansasTheater Parents
Who do your parents have over for dinnerCaliforniaGym Owners
Co-workers (current or previous)Colarado ConnecticutLittle League
Who do your grandparents have over for dinnerDelawareBoy Scouts
Who do you have on speed dialFloridaPee Wee League Football
Who is in your parents phonebookGeorgiaBand Memebers
Kids favorite teacherHawaiiAdvisors
Parents co-workersIdahoRoomates
Your pastor, priest, Rabi, etc.IllonoisRD’s
Who is on your email listIndiannaBNI group
Bank tellerIowaChamber of Commerce
Who is  in your phone book on your cell phoneKansasGovernment
Who do you volunteer withKentuckyAuctioneers
Who has an RVLouisiannaCar Dealer
Baby sitterMaineInsurance Agents
Who has a boatMarylandPersonal Trainers
Day care ladyMassachussettesPeople Your Parents See
Who has a cottage or cabinMichiganPeople Siblings work with
Bank TellerMinnesotaAunts and Uncles work with
Who likes to BBQMississippimoms phones
Who is engaged or recently marriedMissouriPeople With Glasses
Who has a poolMontanaLong Hair
Who do you know that loves to cook or entertainNebraskaShort Hair
Who likes to travelNevadaNo hair
Who likes really nice thingsNew HampshireInteresting Hair
Who is the nicest person you knowNew JerseyToo much money
Who is a shopaholicNew MexicoAlways gone on Vacation
Who plays lots of sportsNew yorkNever Go on Vacation
2nd home ownersNorth CarolinaSnowboard
Anyone training to go to the OlympicsNorth DakotaSki
Who owns their own businessOhioJet Ski
Who is a big movie watcherOklahomaDirt Bike
Who loves musicOregonRollerblade
Sports-Best/Worst Player Old teams you played 4VolleyballQuadding
High School Teams- BaseballDanceMudding
BasketballStep TeamTractor Pulls
GolfChess ClubRazer Scooter
TennisNeedlework ClubMotorcycle
SwimSoccerPostal Person
DiveSoftballWater Ski
TrackField HockeyWakeboard
MMACross CountryCamp
BoxingIndoor TrackEVERYONE ELSE! Someone else will call them