Assignment & Notes
  • Work on getting numbers of prospects/qualified customers and putting them into the Queue app.
  • Qualified Customer = 30+ & Owns a home / Has a career. 
  • You do not need to reach out to that person and ask for a demo. Just get numbers into Queue so you are ready when we learn how to book appointments!
  • Spend a few hours doing the steps at the bottom once and you will feel the rewards of it for the rest of your rep career.
  • Spend the time to get the person’s number that you would do a demo for, not your friends
    • Use the steps bellow to crush this assignment and set yourself up for success!
    1. Personal Contacts

    Who do you currently have in your contacts that would be a qualified customer?

    Start with those – make sure that they are definitely over 30!

    2. Directories

    Find any directories you can. Examples: neighborhood, school, club, church/temple, ect 

    3. Your Parents


    Don’t expect them to do all the work for you!

    Have a conversation with them and Share things you are excited to gain from the job

    — > Examples: Time management skills, improve communication, networking, scholarship opportunity, potential internship credit, resume experience, presidents club (letter of recommendation from president of company)

    Let them know that anyone whose numbers they give you:

    – No obligation for them to buy – you get paid, experience and recs on every demo
    – Your goal is to get as much experience as possible before having to go to people you don’t really know

    4. Text Friend's For Parent's Numbers

    First Text/FB/Snapchat/Insta Message To Friend:
    Hey! I just got a new job and for training I need to do some practice appointments so I can get some experience. What is your mom’s number so I can reach out and see if she will let me practice with her?

    If they ask what this is for:
    I just need to do appointments to get experience and I’m trying to do as many as possible.  I get paid just to do them so I just want to see if she could spare me 30 minutes just for me to learn. Even if they say no it helps me a ton just to ask. What is the best number so I can check real quick?

    5. Snapchat / Instagram Message

    Acquaintances / People you are not super close with:

    Message: Hey! I know this is super random lol but I got this internship where I get paid to present to parents so I was hoping to get your mom or dad’s number? 

    6. Facebook

    Add people from the neighborhood, family friends, friends parents, teachers ect and then send them a message for phone number.

    Message: Hey! I hope you are doing great. I actually have a quick question that I was hoping you may be able to help me with. What is your phone number so I can give you a quick call tomorrow?

    7. Whitepages / Online Look Up – Old fashion phone book where you can search people by town and name. All numbers are not always accurate but a great tool if you are having a tough time with the other methods.