Scheduling and Time Management as a New Rep

“Flexibility is not waking up and deciding whether or not you feel like working. Flexibility is designing a schedule that works for you and your lifestyle…. And following through on it.”

Hot Tips:

  • Use a schedule with the hours drawn out for each day
  • For your first 3 days on the job (until advanced training), give yourself a 90 minute slot for each presentation that you book. After advanced training, if you only need a 1 hour slot that is ok!
  • Make 5 calls before / after each demo – Consistent activity = consistent results!
  • Our office has 4 rules : be positive, be communicative, follow the approach, and don’t book demos during the meetings.

Block scheduling:

  1. Block off the times you’re not free to work (aka – non-negotiables… for example: school, religious stuff, date night, study-time, another job, gym, etc)
  2. Put dollar signs in your schedule to symbolize the times you want to book your presentations
  3. Set and track your goals for how many presentations you want to do each day

Using Google Sheets:

  1. Click your team’s TRAINING schedule
  2. Click the tab (tabby tab) at the bottom with your name on it to edit it

To block off a time on your google sheet:

  • Click a cell and drag your mouse to highlight the space that you want to block off.
  • Click the paint/watering can icon and select the color you want to fill the block in
  • Highlight the section and click the backspace button to delete the dollar signs
  • Double click a cell to type in it and label it.


NOW it’s time to set up your schedule. Select your office team’s schedule button here and take 5 minutes to set it up before watching the next video.

Once you blocked off your schedule… watch this next quick video.

To set your goals in the queue app:

    • On the homepage of the app, click the orange button that says “set goals”
    • Input your goal for each day, move to the next day by clicking “next” and save by clicking “Finish” once you input your goals for each day.